khmerpenhchet168.com is an award-winning hub of more than three hundred entrepreneurs, business owners, influences and experts. The site features over 200 pages of content. We review tech health, cover small healthcare news, and interview movers and shakers. We spotlight other small businesses and startups. Our core focus is practical content with targeted tips, trends and answers to your toughest questions.

Through our team of professional editors, journalists and vetted experts, we publish new content daily. We also produce feature publications like our digital magazine, ebooks and checklists. Our sister site Ideainfohomemake is an additional resource.

khmerpenhchet168.com was founded in 2017 by Ideainfo Co,.Ltd. At first we simply wanted a way to publish newsletter articles online. The site grew into a hyper-engaged community of small healthcare owners who learn from each other.
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